Shared vision

is clear vision.

Shared vision. Collaborative spirit.


Shared governance

is balanced governance.

Shared governance. Collaborative spirit.


Shared commitment

is powerful commitment.

Shared commitment. Collaborative spirit.


Shared dreams

are tangible dreams.

Shared opportunity. Collaborative spirit.

Envision the future with the industry’s most experienced hospital joint venture team.

LHP Hospital Group was established to provide essential capital and expertise to not-for-profit hospitals and health systems, and is regarded as the partner-of-choice for some of the nation’s leading mission-oriented healthcare companies.

Our management team has more experience organizing and operating hospital joint ventures than anyone in the industry. We also have the culture, operational style, resources and commitment to help you realize your vision.

Together, we can transform healthcare challenges into real-world opportunities.

By owning hospitals in partnership with LHP, our joint-venture partners are discovering new and sustainable ways to deliver quality care and service.

What’s different about a hospital partnership with LHP?

  • LHP is the hospital joint venture partner that can help you expand your facility, build a new hospital, or acquire hospitals in your network.
  • Hospital governance in the LHP model is based upon equal board representation and shared decision making.