Our Mission, Vision and Values

Leading and Living the LHP Way

At LHP, our mission is to restore and enhance the health of our patients so they can return to their homes and their families. Our vision is to be the joint venture healthcare partner of choice for all our stakeholders. Our values are partnership, passion, integrity and excellence.

  • Living our values through partnership.  Our success is the direct result of constructively working together to achieve mutual goals.  We partner with:
    • Patients and their families to achieve our mission of restoring and enhancing our patients’ health.
    • Hospitals, healthcare networks and local communities to deliver excellent service and quality care.
    • Associates to create a great place to work and grow.
    • Investors to accomplish our mission and vision while fostering profitable growth and financial performance.
  • Living our values through passion.
    • We work hard because we have a life-saving and life-changing purpose to fulfill.
    • We passionately strive to exceed expectations in all that we do; simply meeting expectations is not good enough for our patients and other stakeholders.
  • Living our values through integrity.
    • We do what we say we will do.
    • We are transparent and honest in our communications and interactions.
    • When we make a mistake, we acknowledge it and make it right.
    • We do not cut corners.
  • Living our values through excellence.
    • We continually strive to improve the way we deliver our services so that we can improve the lives of our patients.
    • We provide our best service while consistently and enthusiastically improving ourselves.
    • We strive to develop the very best team and systems so that we can deliver the very best care to our patients.


pdfPlease click here to read LHP’s Code of Conduct.