Our Commitments, Our Culture

Our commitments to quality, collaboration, local input and governance, and physician engagement illustrate the way we do business:

Commitment to Quality
Providing excellent service and quality care is our primary concern. The result of all our care giving efforts will determine the success of our company. We focus on being better today than we were yesterday.

Commitment to Collaboration
By seeking to bring together and empower local leaders, physicians, employees and other healthcare providers, we act in a coordinated fashion that improves patient outcomes and the vitality of our communities.

Commitment to Local Input and Governance
The best healthcare decisions are made locally. We value the collective wisdom of local leaders and trust their ability to make good decisions that affect the health and welfare of their own communities.

Commitment to Physician Engagement
Our physicians are key partners in the development of a successful healthcare system. We want physicians involved in decisions that impact patient care.