Vice Presidents

LHP Hospital Group Vice Presidents bring decades of combined experience with hospital acquisition and hospital expansion project management. Some of the most innovative ideas and best thinking in the industry can be found among the members of this team.

  • Donald J. Fentem
    Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management
  • Lonnie L. Garrison
    Vice President, Hospital IT Integration & Strategy
  • Richard D. Haun
    Vice President, Operations Finance
  • Joe N. Johnson
    Vice President, Legal Affairs and Chief Compliance Officer
  • M. Shane Olivier
    Vice President, Physician Services
  • Brian K. Padgett
    Vice President, Internal Audit
  • Maureen C. Potter
    Vice President, Quality
  • Kent A. Smith
    Vice President, IT Operations
  • Aaron K. Stewart
    Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Jason K. Whitehair
    Vice President, Human Resources